Weekly News -5/21

This week started by welcoming February, the last winter month. We have a true winter here, complete with frost and snow. Heating requires much wood, but Friend’s House stays warm – and it will soon be spring.

Thank you all for being with us. Without you, we could not exist. Together, we are one big Children’s Embassy family.

I’m Tanya, and I’m happy to share with you the week’s events here in Ukraine.

Great news is that Friend’s House is open again!

It was a joy to open the doors for children. We missed their voices and their stories so much. The house was again filled with life and joy.

Viktor Pavlovich continues to renovate the other end of Friend’s House. He paints, papers the walls and draws plumbing.

A mother of three lost her job and asked us for help. She had no food at home and her children were hungry. Viktor Pavlovich and Katerina bought the necessary food and took it to the family.

I wish you all a great weekend in the warmth of your family. Dress warmly, stay healthy and happy. 🙂

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