Weekly news – 4/21

The last week of January flew by quickly. The second winter month is at its end. Spring is soon coming, and that is nice.

Thank you all for being with us. Without you, we could not exist. Together, we are one big Children’s Embassy family.

I’m Tanya, and I’m happy to share with you the week’s events here in Ukraine.

The week started with good news. The lockdown is over, and the children returned to school for their classes. Another great piece of news was that White Label Agency gave us computers and tablets.

Spring is soon here, and we are already planning the “spring campaign”. We help families purchase the seeds, plants and poultry they start growing.

Our friends from Finland sent us children’s winter shoes. Katya, coordinator of the relief programme, is still delivering warm shoes to children in nearby villages.

I wish you all a good weekend. Take good care of those near and dear, and of your health. ❤

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