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Hello, happy summer days. Our team in Ukraine is on a summer holiday. I, Mirjam is uppdating socialmedia during July.

This week is Victor’s week, You can hear about his work in Friend’s house.

Victor’s week on social media

Hello! I’m Viktor Pavlovich, president of Children’s Embassy in Ukraine; we work here under the names of Charity Organization Haver and Charity Fond Adolphi.

I wish to share with you a few stories about our organization.

In 2003, I met a group of Swedes for the first time – Mirjam, Boas, Jennifer, Björn. These people changed my life. They organized a wonderful summer camp for children from poor families and street children in Skadovsk. I was touched by the care, concern, and understanding these foreigners showed toward our children.

Friends House

In September 2003, the organization Haver, was registered. We got to rent a kindergarten in the village of Piski for free.

The house was quite run down. There was no water or heating. Many windows were broken.

The first habitants in Friend’s House

Even before everything was ready, Boas and Miriam came with the street children from Kyiv. The children got their first real home. At the same time was done repairs and room constructions.

Talk of the village

People started to talk about the work of our organization in the municipality.

In January 2004, a pensioner from a nearby village phoned to tell us that a boy had been thrown out from his home and needed help. He was living in a barn where the neighbours brought food for him.

Boas and I fetched the child to Friend’s House late in the evening. We managed to get him to the village school, although he had no birth certificate. The certificate was later provided by the court. The boy is doing well today. He has a family and a house of his own.

Working together

Children in Friend’s House

We started a collaboration with the social services’ child care committee. They sent children to us who’s parents lost of their parental rights.

At one point, 24 children lived in Friend’s House. Those were hectic days. Lots of solutions to solve every day, Organizing housing, food, education, leisure for children, working with the child allowance system.

Sports Soul

I am a trained gymnastics teacher. That is why I try to convey my “sports soul” to the children.

I try to spend time with the kids outdoors and have sports activities as often as possible.

We have our own little football field where we play football. Our children’s team participates in district football tournaments.

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