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Thank you for helping children forward in their lives and allowing them to be children. We are one big Children’s Embassy family.

I’m Tanya and I’m happy to share with you things we have publiced in our social media. 👇

Friend’s House

We congratulate our Swedish friends 🇸🇪

We wish to congratulate you on your National Day – the Swedish flag’s Day, the 6th of June.

The children in Friend’s House draw flags.
“How are the Ukrainian and Swedish flags similar?” Oleksandra asked.

“The colours”, Kristina replied, and everyone agreed. Both of them are blue and yellow.

Our best greetings from Ukraine, from the children in Friend’s House and the Children’s Embassy team!

Photos: Tanya

Congratulations to our friends in Sweden

The children colour the Swedish flag together

 Brothers Arsen and Artem with their flags

 Seven-year-old Elvira colours her flag and says: “Happy Birthday Sweden!”

New week, new plans.

We talked with the children about the safety issues and the rules in Friend’s House.

Photo: Children and Viktor Pavlovich
Photo by Katja

Relief projects

Package full of joy

Thank you Bertil and Kristina, your package from Sweden is here.

We already started to deliver the clothes. Sonya was very happy of what she received.

”Now I have clothes for the summer camp”, she said.

/Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

Photo of Sonya, 8
Photo by Tanya

The package arrived.

Thanks to Voluntary Initiative and Viktor Divnich for girls’ hygiene articles, which arrived at just the right time.

Summer is here and we have time to enjoy it.
Big greetings from Friend’s House, and have a great weekend!

Tanya, social media

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