Weekly News – 11/21

One week passed by again. I thank God for the opportunity of helping children.

Thank you for helping children forward in their lives and allowing them to be children. We are one big Children’s Embassy family. I’m Tanya and I’m happy to tell you about this past week here in Ukraine.

From March 20th to April 9thh, the quarantine will be stricter in Kyiv, which is nearing the red pandemic zone.

Super News!

We were happy to receive 20 boxes full of clothes from Sweden. We deliver the clothes to needy children as quickly as possible.

Friend’s House

Activities in Friend’s House continue. The children come daily to spend time here. They play, jump, draw and enjoy each other’s company. These are valuable moments.

Families with Children

Helping families with children is one of our priorities. Especially now that the times are hard. For instance, the father of a family with 8 children broke his arm and had to be operated. All their money went toward the surgery and medicines, and nothing was left for food. The mother turned to Children’s Embassy for help.

Viktor Pavlovich and Katya bought food for the family. The children do not need to go hungry. We are grateful to God for being able to help.

I hope all of you are happy. Each one in their own and different ways, but the important thing is that you are happy. It’s so simple and important. Enjoy the weekend!

Tanya, social media

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