Weekly News – 10/21

Time flies so fast. Week after week, day after day. Spring is coming, and we thank God for the opportunity to help children. ❤

Thank you for helping children forward in their lives. We are one big Children’s Embassy family.

I’m Tanya and I’m happy to tell you about this past week here in Ukraine.

We continue to welcome children in Friend’s House. They are happy to come here after school. They participate in various activities. One comes to play pingpong, another to attend the computer club. Each child is unique, and their interests are different. One thing I can tell you is that all of us are tired of just killing time. We have been longing for a living togetherness.

The children can meet in Friend’s House, have fun and be just children.

We also continue delivering food to families with children. Not all parents are able to provide food for their children. For example, a mother of three lost her job. They have no food at home, and on some days all they have is water and bread. Adults can manage such a situation, but children need to eat; it is their basic need. We want to react quickly to such situations and buy food for the children. There are many similar stories; this was just one of them.

I wish you a pleasant weekend and good health. May the Lord bless you.
Tanya, social media

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