Weekly greetings from the Team in Ukraine

 heavy rain caused some extra work for us. We wash the windows and plant flowers. Friend’s House must be ready for our visitors. / Tanja B

Data technology is good when it works, but when the accounting program starts coughing, problems are coming. I had to travel to Kyiv to resolve the problem with the bank. I am grateful for their help. / Julia, accountant

Jennifer, Tommy, Helena, Mikaela, Boas and Mirjam are coming from Sweden to Ukraine on May 21st. The visitors will also meet children and visit families. We are waiting for you! / Mirjam

We are trying to find a twin pushchair with one seat behind the other. A wide pushchair is too big for the lift. /Sveta

Friend’s House yard is already planted and part of the plants are coming up. The children are writing and drawing to the friends of Friend’s House and to their sponsors. School is soon ending, and we plan summer activities in Friend’s House. / Nadya and Natalya

Spring campaign
Families with children have received animals, seeds and plants for their yards.
We visited 22 families and drove about 350 km. We bought 2 pigs and 180 chickens. The families wish to extend their sincere thanks to everyone who participated. / Katerina and Viktor

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