Weekly 48 – Read all about it

Another week flew by, and it’s weekend again. May your weekend be full of warmth, goodness and happy feelings! Here we share with you the short articles that we have published in our social media accounts during the past week.

Congratulations to Finland on your Independence Day!


Thanks for the clothes


Many thanks to all of you in Sweden and in Finland who sent clothes to those in need in Ukraine.

Your gift makes life a bit better for many.

/Katerina – coordinator of the relief programme

A little experiment


The youngest children had fun.

/ Katerina – programme coordinator

Our Christmas Bag campaign is on !!! ❤ !!!

We want to offer the children in struggling Ukrainian families a happy New Year and Christmas. 

We challenge you to donate toward the Christmas bags, which Children’s Embassy Team brings home to the families for the Christmas and New Year season.

Link to Christmas Bag – Campaign

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