Another week flew by, and it’s weekend again. May your weekend be full of warmth, goodness and happy feelings! Here we share with you the short articles that we have published in our social media accounts during the past week.

Mother Lilia thanks you for the firewood

Our family is very grateful for your support and help. We lost our house and all our belongings in a fire. Nothing was left, and we faced enormous trouble.It was a great relief for us when you purchased wood to heat our temporary lodgings. Thank you for answering our cry for help.

/ Mother Lilia

Thank you for the coat

What a warm and lovely coat! I’ll feel warm now when I go to school.And what’s more, it is also beautiful. Thank you for giving me the coat

.Respectfully, Sonya

Warm Winter campaign November 18th through 30th.

What can you do? How can you help?  https://childrensembassy.com/urgent-needs/

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