Weekly 45 – Read all about it!

Another week flew by, and it’s weekend again.
May your weekend be full of warmth, goodness and happy feelings!

Here we share with you the short articles that we have published in our social media accounts during the past week.

Our “assistant” is on the road again

Our old Volkswagen T-4 needs reparation more often than we would like. When it is down, we are not able to fulfill our relief programme.

Thank you all who helped to repair the van. It is again delivering goods to the families.

/ Viktor Pavlovich

Time to be creative

Friend’s House

In a friendly and cosy atmosphere, the children in Friend’s House play brain games and enjoy togetherness.

Photo: Raisa Mikolaivna solves puzzles together with the children.

Thank you for the groceries

Right now, your help is more important than ever.

It is of great value for us.

/ Mother Nastya and children

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