Weekly 44 – Read all about it!

We wish all our friends a happy weekend and good health, and we send you greetings from Friend’s House!

Here we share with you the short articles that we have published in our social media accounts during the past week.

We’re in the red zone

The autumn holiday is over and the schools give distance education again.
Even the classes 1 through 4 and the kindergartens are closed.

Friend’s House is allowed to function, as the whole staff are vaccinated.

/ Tanya

French Delicacy

”Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. ”
Psalm 127:3

The children who come to Friend’s House are our reward.

So we do our best to make them happy.

This time, they tasted newly baked almost “French croissants” for their snack. 🙂

/ Julia

Friend’s House is tuned to Christmas

The kids make Christmas cards to be sent to our friends.

/ Katerina, programme coordinator

Dear friends, we have good news from Friend’s House ❤

The renovation of the main entrance to Friend’s House has begun. New walls are being built, and the new roof is leak-free. All the necessary material has been purchased.

It is good to do all this before winter sets in. Many thanks to all who helped. Thank you for your contribution in terms of money and prayers. You made it possible.

May God bless you and your good heart! ❤

/ Children’s Embassy Team and the children in Friend’s House

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