Weekly 35 – Read all about it!

Enjoy the autumn and the help!
September started with the school bell ringing ceremony – this is what we do here.
Can you still remember your first day at school?

Here we share with you the short articles that we have published in our social media accounts during the past week. 



The last few days before school

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Ukrainian kids go to school on the first of September. Wednesday will be the day of a festive opening at school, meeting the classmates and starting the lessons after the summer. Just a couple of days of waiting…

A moment of joy and excitement


At long last! The first ringing of the school bell.
The kids went to school offline. They sat at their desks and not at the phone screen. They met their friends, classmates and teachers after the summer holiday. Everyone had waited for this so long.

Better School start


You are fantastic, we thank you for your help. ❤




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