Weekly 34– Read all about it!

Hello, here we are again. Here we share with you the short articles that we have published in our social media accounts during the past week. 👇

It’s the last weekend of the summer. Enjoy the moments and share your good mood to others.

Have a nice weekend ♥️

Happy Birthday

Congratulations to you Bo Boas Adolphi on your birthday! We wish you good health, happiness, family luck and God’s rich blessing. We love you very much and value you highly. ❤️
Children’s Embassy Team

23rd of August the day of Ukrainian flag

Foto: Tanya

Our best greetings on the day of the Ukrainian Flag, 23rd August.

24th of August Independence day of Ukraine

Photo: Boas and Mirjam in Piski after 2 years quarantine. Foto by Tanya

Congratulations to our Ukrainian friends. Today is Ukraine’s 30th anniversary of independence.

Boas and I Mirjam are celebrating our 30 years in Ukraine with you at the same time.

With love for Ukraine, Boas and Mirjam

A better school year

Right now current campaign!Toward a better school year You still have time to participate in the campaign https://childrensembassy.com/current-campaign-2/

We started the School campaign yesterday by dealing out what we had in Friend’s House.Today, we go to the market to buy clothes and school things for the kids.

Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

Maybe you want to read Jennifer’s story?

Jennifer’s week

Hey! My name is Jennifer Ravstam and I am the chairman of the Children’s Embassy in Sweden. I have been doing this since 2009. It is a commitment that is close to my heart.

Here’s a look back. https://childrensembassy.com/childrens…/jennifers-week/

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