Weekly 33– Read all about it!

Hi, I’m Tanya. I returned from summer holiday to work in a good mood. I’ll tell you about Friend’s House and my work this week. But more about that later…

The summer is soon over, and the kids are starting school. Our whole team is now working with that in mind.I wish you all a great new week.

Friend’s House

Friend’s House is getting ready to welcome children in September, when the summer holiday is over.

We also miss our foreign friends, who have not been able to visit us for a long time due to the quarantine. Their hearts, though, are always with us and the children in Ukraine.

We are looking forward to meeting again. ❤

Thanks for the help

Ruslana is so happy about her trainers. She thanks our Swedish friends who sent them because they care about the children in Ukraine.

Be like children🙂 Dream, be happy, jump about and just enjoy life! We wish you a happy weekend.

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