We take our hats off to you

It’s now about a year and three months since we (Boas & Mirjam) last visited our home in Friend’s House, the children and our team in Ukraine. As everyone knows, the covid-19 pandemic then changed nearly everything. It has touched everyone all around the world.

As Ambassadors of Children’s Embassy, I and my wife Mirjam are very proud of our Ukrainian team.

Viktor, Katya, Julia, Tanya, Svetlana, Sveta, and our lawyer Ludmila – they are all doing marvellous work helping children and families in need, especially in these times.

We now hold our work meetings and shared prayers over the internet. We miss our team very much and would so much like to be with them, but the pandemic is still serious in Ukraine. The Chernigiv province is now classified as the red zone with stricter quarantine regulations.

This is what I want to say to our Ukrainian team:
We take our hats off to you. You are precious, you are needed.
Many hugs from all of us in Barnens Ambassad, Sweden.

Boas Adolphi, together with my wife Mirjam, the founders of Children’s Embassy

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