We lost our hearts to children in Ukraine

Ukraine was something new for us when at Christmas 2014 we wanted to see how people manage there in the midst of Crimean occupation and the war in the east. Mirjam and Boas Adolphi introduced us to some families, to Friend’s House, and to the Ukrainian Team. Since then, not one day has passed without remembering all these.

After our second trip to Ukraine, we participated in establishing the Finnish Children’s Embassy according to the model of the Swedish one.

Best relief work

We have witnessed the world’s best relief work in Ukraine. It’s great to see that the money donated goes exactly to where it is supposed to go: towards helping poor children and supporting families so that they can keep their children.

It was at first embarrassing to face poverty. After a couple of trips, it came natural for us to visit poor homes without a feeling of shame.

The experiences we have collected!

In springtime, we go to the market with the families and buy seeds, plants, and chickens. In the autumn, eager schoolchildren join us there to buy school utensils and clothes. Warm clothes and shoes and firewood are needed for the winter. We have brought uncountable pairs of socks knitted with love in Finland. There is an aroma of the Finnish Christmas in Friend’s House when we bake gingerbread there.

In the midst of all their problems, the Ukrainian children are cheerful and very friendly. We have lost our hearts to them and to the Ukrainian Team who do a great and creative job.

Friend’s House

Friend’s House has experienced a great renovation. Besides rooms for activities and a functional kitchen, there will be three rooms for the purposes of emergency accommodation – and as guest rooms. Good beds and bedlinen are needed.

We have our 80th and 70th birthdays this year – i.e. a total of 150 years. Our wish for a birthday present is the furnishing of these rooms.

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