We are here

“Mirjam, we are here!” an overjoyed 14-year-old Zhenya writes. He is our “correspondent”, who reports to us from the children’s summer camp in words and photos.

We are sitting in the buss and waiting

“We have arrived, but are still sitting in the bus, waiting for the kids from Kyiv. We will be 40 altogether!” Zhenya writes with great expectations.

”Summer camp at last! We started with prayers.”

”Summer camp at last! We started with prayers.”

”We were given questionnaires to fill in – a kind of test. We are checked for corona. They take our temperature with an apparatus, not a usual thermometer,” Zhenya explains.

”And here is a beach. We did not swim today, as the water was so cold.”

”It’s great here, every possible activity!” Zhenya praises.

”The kids went swimming today, at least dipped in the water, except for me. The water was too cold, I can’t see why…”

We receive such eager reports from the Christian summer camp “Dzherelo Nadii” from our 14-year-old correspondent Zhenya. The camp is situated at River Dnepr, in Pereyaslav-Kmelnitsky.

I’m thinking about how significant this camp is for the children. They are weary and tired of the quarantine that started in March already. The children have been separated from each other. They have had no contacts, and with the lack of activities, many of them became apathetic.
Thank you Nordisk Östmission who allowed us to send the children on the summer camp at the right time!

We thank you sincerely, for without your support the children’s summer joy would not have been possible. You helped them forget the quarantine, at least for a while. You gave them the joy of summer and childhood. Thank you so much!

Mirjam Adolphi, founder

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