Vitja start his military service

It’s a new stage in my life. Today I go to Lvov. I will serve in the Navy , for one and a half years. In my heart there are concerns and many questions. I’ll probably get the answers when I’m there.

It will be hard to leave Kiev, say goodbye to friends. But especially to Boas and Mirjam who have been with me since my childhood.

I think time will go fast, and it will be a useful time for me.

Welcome to be with me in the ceremony, where I swear the oath to serve my country. / Vitja


Vitja doing the military service in the Ukrainian army

For a year and a half he’ll be in the army. When I did my time in the Swedish army, it was ten months. We were training war in the woods. For Vitja, it is another reality. There is a real war going on in the east Ukraine. He is not taken to the warfront in this position, but if things were to worsen significantly in the east, there is the risk that he might be called there. We pray that Vitja not have to go to the war zone. / Boas

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