Viktor Divnich writes:

Dear friends, volunteer initiative Центр Гостинності is continuing its mission to do good under the quarantine and the second wave.

You are our priority partner. Our volunteers continue to collect clothes and other things for children and adults. We are with you. We carry on together…

Katja, coordinator of Children’s Embassy relief programme, writes:

Photo: Katerina

Many thanks to Viktor Divnich and Центр Гостинності for the coats and other warm clothes that children need.

Thank you for not forgetting the children’s needs. You have helped us many times by collecting warm clothes. The need is great, for it is cold outdoors.

We are already delivering the clothes to children, and the poor road conditions cannot hinder us.

Photo: Tanya, 8
Photo: Sonya, 8
Photo: Vitalina, 11
Photo: Kiril, 9
Photo: Nazar, 9
Photo: Zhenya, 14
Photo: Maksim, 10
Photo: Roma, 13

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