The children need you now more than ever!

Coronavirus has consequences – it hearts very hard in Ukraine.

Your help can save a child from being hungry. Food for one child during one month costs about 36 Euro.

In despair, we decided to turn to you for help. The coronavirus pandemic means that children are in quarantine. They have no school meals now. Everyone faces difficulty under quarantine. A poor family that already lived below the poverty line is in serious trouble now.

You can give food for a child by donating

10€ – 25€ – 50€ – one food package – several crisis packages – or any sum suited to you.

Hunger is a big problem during corona-quarantine. Visiting homes, I feel so sorry for the families who have nothing to eat. Mother mixes just flour and water into “pasta”. They have no bread, potatoes or oil.

Cathrine, Coordinator of help program .

Please donate today. Your gift today will secure food. for a child tomorrow.

one food package- several food packages – or any sum suited to you – your choice

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The bank account in Ukraine
Bic code (Swift) ICBIUAUKXXX
Name of the bank: PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC
Address of the bank: 8 Illinska, 04070 Kyiv
Name of beneficiary: Charity Org. Haver
Post address: 174060 Ukraine
Purpose: Charity

The bank account in Sweden
Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad
Account Nr (IBAN) SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987

Would you want to help? Make your donation today!