Urgent need of water

How to live without water? They have no water to drink, no water for cooking or washing…

To bore a well and draw a pipe into the house requires about 10 000 UAH or 305 Euro. The family does not have this money.

A single mother and her retarded son ask for help to have running water.

Our relief team visited the family and heard that their well has been dry for two months. Another well about a hundred metres from the house yields a little clayey water.

This is their only source of water now. The mother carries buckets of clayey water into the house and filters it as best she can. She then boils the water she uses for cooking. Washing and laundry are a problem!

To bore a well on the site and to draw a water pipe into the house would solve her problem.
Would you like to help? Your help is needed.

Would you want to help?

Give the gift of your heart and according to your wallet! Every small contribution is valuable.

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