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What a wonderful day you gave to the children

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The first day of Summer – International Children’s Day – Friend’s House Excursion What a wonderful day you provided! Even the bus ride to Kyiv was an experience. The children had a real festive day: a river cruise, lunch at McDonald’s, and ice cream. 47 children participated. Many of them were in Kyiv for the first time – not to mention the cruise on the Dnieper. It was just great.

– Best of all was the cruise on the Dnieper. It’s a vast river. I’m not quite sure if the water was cold or warm… Artyom

– When I looked down from the ship, people seemed tiny as birch buds. Lyuda, 9.

– They tied the ship with ropes so that it could not sail by itself. Roman, 9.

– There was a piano on the square near the river, and I had a go with it. Sveta, 10.

– I was scared that the ship could sink. The wind blew – what if we fly?…. Alyona, 10.

– I enjoyed looking at the beautiful Kyiv scenery from the river. Kolya, 14.

– OOOOH, such delicious ice cream. Vitya, 8.


The children send you their love and thanks.


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