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The Flames Took Our Home

In the middle of the night a mother woke up. She sensed the smell of smoke. Panic took hold of her, and she did not know what to do. She woke up her kids and they managed to escape from the burning house out into the night, the -20 °C cold night. They had no time to bring any of their belongings, except the clothes on their bodies. The house burned down completely, only the walls were left standing.

Right now, two of the kids, Diana 11 and Artjom, 8 years old, are in a state-run orphanage. The youngest child, Jaroslav, who is 5 years old is living with their mother at some friends house. Marina, the mother, is heartbroken. She does not know to whom she can turn to for help, to have the kids living with her rather than at the orphanage. The older children call every day and wonder when she will come pick them up. But right now there is no place where they can stay, together, as a family.

The family needs urgent help to repair the house. All the burnt residues have to be transported away, and a new roof has to be built. Only after these initial steps the work to repair and rebuild the house can really start. Marina, the mother, now hopes that there are people who are not indifferent to the situation of the family, but shares and understands her despair. She hopes to soon be able to bring her children back home. Do you want to help? Your help is needed now!

Photos:  Stuart Holden


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