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Starting school is no happy day for everyone

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Tanya is adult now; she is mother of four and works for Children’s Embassy in Kyiv. Her experience of another kind of life in the streets is valuable for us in our relief work. Tanja shares part of her story with us.
Starting school is no happy day for everyone. Let me tell you something about my dismal memories.

I detested the first day at school. I hated it. I was 9 and literally wanted to harm myself so that I could escape school. I thought if father had a very bad hangover, he might forget that I should go to school.

What was it that I hated so much?

Everyone else came to the school beautifully dressed, with their new rucksacks, hand in hand with their parents. The Headmaster congratulated all on the occasion. But it was no happy occasion for me. My tears ran, and I wanted to go away. I covered my eyes and did not want to not join the others who marched into the classrooms. I was ashamed of my old clothes, my worn-out sandals and the rucksack with its broken zip. I heard the others laugh and I saw their meaning looks. I started to skip school and stay in the streets instead. When I turned 10, I simply stopped going to school. I became a street child, and have not even finished the elementary school.
Summer is soon over, and the schools open their doors again. The children who are starting the first class are impatiently waiting for the big day. It is a great event in their life.

Would you like to help a child start their school happily?

That is a real gift that can change a child’s life. My story is a tragic one, as I dropped out of school and started to live in the streets and basements. I can now help others to a better life, and you can join me.
Give a child the chance to start school happily

What you can do
The school clothing and gear for one child cost about 90 Euro / 110 USD. You can donate the amount that suits you.

Various ways of donating
All gifts are welcome.

Enter the target of your gift, and preferably your contact data as well.

Bank account in Ukraine:

Bank account / Iban   26000001101115

Adress beneficiary: Molodizhne 3, Piski
Bic code (Swift)  ICBIUAUKXXX

Name of the bank: PIRAEUS BANK ICB, JSC


04070 KIEV

Name of beneficiary: CHARITY ORG HAVER


Purpose: Charity

Donate online, with PAYSON



Make your donation with PAYPAL

Or make your donation to:

Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad

Account Nr (IBAN)

SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987


Bank, NORDEA Sweden



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