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Ruslan need your urgent help

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640-ruslan1Ruslan five years have a dream. He wants to be like all the other boys – to be able to run, bike and play with friends.

To realize the dream requires strength, patience, and a willingness. Ruslan and his mother have the will but lack the financial possibilities of an operation.

Ruslans hip pain does not allow him to move. Through much pain and effort, he can take some steps in his room, but he can not walk. When Ruslan is out, he must always sit in the stroller.

Ruslan is in urgent need of an operation. It must be done now, if he shoud be able to walk .

All help is welcome.

Together we can realize his dream.

Please make your donations to

Account Nr (IBAN)

SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987


Bank, NORDEA Sweden

You can donate online, with Payson




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