The turn of time

The road from our village, Pisky, to the nearest city, Bobrovistya is surrounded by vast farmlands, seemingly as big as the ocean, where you can see no end of it, just a tractor disappearing at the horizon. The road we are travelling seems endless, as there are no changes in our near surroundings. But then, the city appears in the far, and we know there is an end to our journey. Sometimes this is also true for life, suddenly something appears on the horizon.

The time has turned. You take a break, try to figure out the new course on the map of life, or if you are a man of faith like me, you ask the living God for advice. We just had this experience in our lives as we received the news that I suffer from prostate cancer, having one benign and one malignant tumor. Luckily the tumor is not spread and can be surgically removed. This news, of course, shook us, being much more severe than a regular autumn cold. But I’m in safe hands. The hospital of our hometown Eskilstuna, Sweden, host very skilled surgeons and I’m also safe in the hand of our Father. I’m blessed to have this faith, that I can rely on God. It feels like having a stable fence that one can lean against. And we also lean against all our siblings in Christ, that carries us in prayers. This is the strength of the Adolphi family. The surgery is on November 26th, and after that, we turn the page, I’ll recover my strength back and move on. On the good side, this will give me more time to practice my guitar skills. The work in Ukraine proceeds, as usual, lead by our skilled Ukrainian team.

“All things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23).

Image: Boas Adolphi, Photographer: Mirjam Adolphi. Written by Boas Adolphi, missionary, musician and co-founder of Children’s Embassy together with his wife Mirjam.

Everything is well


Thank You, God. The Doctor caller – The surgery was successful. Now we are waiting for a successful recovery.

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