The lovely camp is over!

The lovely camp is over! Two weeks just flew!
Some eager accounts for you from the kids:

”Two weeks of summer camp were like a blink! The time went quickly, the weeks just flew. We’re at home again. Everything was just SUPER. It was the best time of my summer. Greetings to everyone and big thanks!”

Zhenya, 14.

“The camp was cool!!! We swam, ate and had much fun. We had Bible lessons in the morning. We sang and memorized verses. I miss the leaders and my friends there. ”

“Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” Kristina, 11. (video)

Girls group

”This was my first time on a summer camp. My brother went there earlier, but I couldn’t. It was great. I had many new friends. I would so much like to go back there. Good that I’ve grown and could go this summer.” Veronika, 9.

”I loved the camp. Fortunately I could go there this summer. Best of all was to swim and to play on the beach. I was best in checkers. The days went by quickly, and I’m home again. I didn’t want to leave the leaders and friends. I cried.” Maxim, 10.

”The camp was nice. I met many old friends there. The farewell party was great, although a little sad. We sat at a beautifully laid table. There were lots of food, and it was good. Afterwards, we sang and thanked God. Then we bid each other goodbye. I’ll miss my friends.” Ruslana, 11.

”This was my first time on a Christian camp. At first, I missed home and Grandma. But then I didn’t want to leave for home. The camp was so-o nice. We swam, played games and just hang around. Suddenly, it was the last day at the camp, and the farewell party and gifts!!” Vika, 10.

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