The Carpathian Adventure


At the train station



Attention, all our friends. Here they are at the train station. A bunch of emotions, joy and expectations. Finally, this day came, and we will eat and have fun in the Carpathians, tell the children. The train started, and all the fun ahead. Let’s wait for news from the children and wish them a happy journey …

015-07- 8

Own bed

Own bed

Hooray we’re here !!! After a trip on the train, tired but in good spirits kids unpacked their belongings and immediately ran to look their rooms. “Wow, everyone will have their own bed” – admiringly said 10-year-old Sveta.

Sveta O



Food as much as you want

Food, as much as You like

I really like the way we are fed in the camp. All is very tasty. Today for lunch I ate 2 servings, thought i was bursting. Everything was delicious. I’m having fun, learn a lot, I have friends. I am very glad that I came to the Carpathian Mountains, this is really very good. Thank you so much ”
Anya 11 years.




I got a responsible job

responsible task

“Wow! They gave me a responsible job. I painted and printed the timetable for all the kids. I did my best. Now everyone knows the schedule and nobody is late. We are one big family here. Big hug from the Carpathians.”

By Sofia 10




Forward and together





Not one step backward, not one step on the place, always forward and together. This was our slogan today as we climbed the mountains.

The kids looked at the scenery, enchanted. “Isn’t that amazing?” they kept commenting.

Once again, a big thank you to all who gave the kids this opportunity. Such moments give them happy chilhood memories which they will cherish all their lives.

By Viktor Pavlovitch, Haver, Piski,

Local Director



Making handicraft


I did it! I tried at home but couldn’t and wouldn’t make a bracelet at home. It was a big surprise that we have handicraft here. I learnt how to make bracelets, and I’ll show my friends at home how to make them. I’m already looking forward to the next handicraft lesson.
We have new activities all the time. Everyone loves us and cares for us. It’s great to be here! I’m glad I came.
By Vika, 12



Morning gymnastics

Morning gymnastics

Good morning, everybody! My morning at the camp begins with a smile and the morning gymnastics. I enjoy this so much, I wish it was like this at home, too.

It is soon breakfast time, and a day full of adventure. This is my best holiday ever. I want to thank for it. And now, off for the breakfast. I wish you all a happy day.


Real sheep

Vladik and sheep


Early in the morning. Fantastic! Real sheep – I’ve only seen them in pictures before. There are lots of them on the Carpathians, and I stroked them. They are so wonderfully soft. At home, I’ll tell everybody about the sheep.

I love this camp. We learn interesting things every day. Thank you for helping me be here.
by Valeria, 10



Excursion to an old castle




The kids are eager to learn about their native country Ukraine. We made an excursion to village Tustanch where an old castle stands on a salt rock. This has once been a customs station for salt transporters. The Mongolian Tatars tried to conquer the place twice, but did not succeed.

It is a joy to watch the dedication of the kids when they attend such excursions, and to hear how eagerly they talk about the camp; they spend their time in a useful way. All the kids come from poor families. Without your help, they could not see all this beauty. Thank you for sustaining these children.

By Viktor Pavlovitch



We went to the lake!

viktor japojat_jarvella



It made me jump of joy when I heard that we are going to the lake. We have no lakes in our village – we just jump in the puddles. But there is a lake here. We spent the whole day there singing, playing and having fun. The trouble was it was so cold we could not go swimming this time. They promised me that as soon as it gets warmer, we’ll go swimming. Hurrah, I’m looking forward to it.

By Yura, 10



New friends


I’m so happy to have new friends. I have no friends at home, and I used to spend my leisure alone. This camp has given me many friends. I wouldn’t like to return home.
We went to see a waterfall, “Kamyanka”. I hadn’t even known that we had waterfalls.
I hope this is not the last time that I can attend a camp. I wish time passed really slowly now and we could stay here much longer. Thank you for taking me along.

Maria, 15



We’ve got talent!





Our group performed on stage. It was a story from the Bible. I was a real actor, and the audience applauded and watched eagerly.

I did not dare go on stage at school. I thought I could not, and so I refused. But I made it here at the camp! Now I’m dreaming of becoming a real actor, and all my friends are invited.

This camp is great. It is my first time, and I’ll remember it all my life.

By Vlad, 9



The cleaning diploma


Yippee, yippee, yippee!! We got the book “The Golden Revisor”, because our room was the tidiest of all. It was great, and we are so happy. We jumped for joy, when we got the diploma. Now we’ll always clean up really well, even at home.

By Anya and Lera




What a joy it is to play with the children!



They are full of joy and openness, and they give you their smiles. The time here on the camp has become a big part of their happiness. On behalf of the children and the adults, we thank everyone who has made this camp possible.

The children’s eyes shine with joy and their faces are full of smile. Thank you all, our friends.

/Julia V.


Have a nice weekend


Good Morning, Friends! The weekend is starting, and the whole camp wishes you a nice weekend and much joy.

I can say for sure that each child here feels happy. Without your help, this would not have been possible. Our weekend plan is to be happy together. Greetings from the Carpathians to all our friends, and a big thank-you.



Life of Jesus – presentation






The children eagerly watched the story of the birth, life and crucifiction of Jesus. I saw tears in many eyes. At the end of the presentation, we prayed for each one. We also prayed for those who had provided for the camp. And we prayed for peace in Ukraine.

11-year-old Valya said:

“Jesus died for me.”

This was a great confirmation that we are doing a necessary and significant work together. God bless you all.

By Viktor Pavlovitch




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