Thanks for the spring campaign

” My grandson and I are very happy of the chickens. He loves domestic eggs. Please receive our thanks and respect. Many thanks from our small family. – Sincerely, grandmother Nadia and grandson Alyosha”

” I wish to extend my endless thanks for the plants and the poultry for my children. We now have food for the autumn and winter. This is the time to think about food for the winter. We can grow vegetables, harvest and preserve for the winter, thanks to you. Thank you for remembering and supporting us. May God keep you and your family and bless you richly. – Many warm greetings from mother Lyudmila and children”

“Heartfelt thanks for the support we received now that our life is very difficult. We grow lots of vegetables, as we are a big family and our large kitchen garden feeds us all. This is why your help is valuable for us. I thank you sincerely for your good heart and compassion. We wish you good health, happiness and success in everything.- Family Shuplik”

“I am very happy of the seeds and plants that I received. We are going to grow lots of food this year. Your help is valuable and I appreciate it highly. Thankfully, – Tanya”

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