Thanks for the camp!

The happy days are over so soon. The kids are back home and already miss their leaders and new friends.
Many thanks to Nordisk Östmission for the children’s summer camp. Everyone is happy and satisfied ❤️

We had beach games today. It was such great fun. We did’nt go swimming, as it was so cold. Two teams compete, and the end of the camp will show which one won.
/Sveta, 14

It’s nice to have a holiday at the camp with good friends. We just wish the weather gets warmer so we could go swimming. Now we can only walk on the beach and see the beautiful scenery.
/ Lyuda, 12

Camp time is super time 😃
It’s great to see the leaders and all friends again. I had been waiting for the summer camp all year. The only negative point is the cool weather – we can’t swim. But it’s great here anyway. I play tennis every day.
Thank you for the camp. Greetings from all of us – have a nice weekend!
/ Kirill, 14

A great day today!
We had an excursion to an animal park. We fed the animals and we tried horse-riding. It was so sunny and so interesting. The summer camp is a great thing. I have found new friends, and we enjoy staying here.
/ Valya, 11

This is my first summer camp. It’s nice, and I have many new friends. We play games, we sing, draw pictures and read the Bible. We have a theatre where the leaders perform stories from the Bible. Best of all is jumping on the trampoline. This camp is great!
/ Misha, 8

I’m on the summer camp with my sister. We have sports and other activities. There is much food, and we can jump on the trampoline. This is lovely. The weather is smiling again, and we went swimming. Thank you for the summer camp!
/Nadya, 13

This camp is the peak of my summer. 😊
Time flies so quickly. I have met friends and leaders. Something new happens every day. We had a talents competition, dancing and singing. There are also various games. I’ll miss it all.
/Vladik, 12

This is real holiday. 
It was a warm day today, and we went swimming. It’s so nice here that I don’t want to go home. I enjoy playing with my friends. 
Greetings from me!
/Zhenya, 7

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