Team meeting in Kyiv

This week, our team met at a hotel. We usually have the weekly meetings via Skype, but now we met live.
The team was full of strength and ideas after the holidays. We started from the most important: Bible reading and prayer.

We made plans of how to best help children in need.

We planned the project Back to School

Many mothers ask for help for their children. They have no money for clothes, shoes, rucksacks, notebooks, pencils…

Friend’s House is waiting

Toys are already missing the children. Spick and span, they sit in their baskets and keep glancing at the door, hoping the kids come soon. The house is so empty and silent without the kids.

Renewed programme in Friend’s House

We support the children in their homework and provide meals, sports, handicraft, Sunday school, etc.


They come unexpected, but we must be prepared…

Set! Ready! Go!

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