Take me back to school

Hi, it’s Zheka with you. I’ve been missing you. Do you miss me?

I’ll tell you someting about myself and other kids, because this is not just about me. I was really happy about the first quarantine last year. It gave me a legitimate reason not to go to school. I was hilarious and smiled a lot!

Now I have just one dream – take me back to school. I will not cut classes, disturb lessons, or be rude to teachers. I will do my homework and listen carefully. But at school, not at home.

I’ve never missed school so much. I’m willing to study at school in summer. I’m sick of sitting at home and studying over my phone. It’s dull and its difficult. I’m tired, and nobody knows when we can go to school again.

What if it will not be until next year?! I can’t wait so long. I wish you all good health, and avoid illness.

/ Zhenja, 14 years old

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