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Weekly greetings from the Ukrainian team

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Social media and hot summer. When it is +31 behind the window (sometimes +40), I and my laptop need some cooling./ Tanya V. Two more weeks of intensive work with numbers, and then summer holiday./ Julia We have started preparations for the autumn school campaign./ Katerina and Viktor We are preparing for the opend doors

Spring holidays give time for plans

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No children come to Friend's House during the spring holiday. We have been planning the hobby circles, picnics, Sunday school, birthdays and story-reading sessions.More colours in Friend's House! The walls are painted in the traditional Ukrainian style.Our storage soon looks good. We bought baskets, hangers and other necessities.There is always something to repair. We only

It’s easy to do good

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May God bless all you who are not indifferent to children's needs. Your help is valuable and necessary. Thank you for being part of Zhenya's life. He has glasses now, and his sight will probably be saved. Mother Maria gives thanks for the medicines, too. Medicines and glasses are so expensive that she could not

Planning, working, enjoying

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Thanks to our generous friends, we could provide firewood for all the families who needed them. Winter is soon ending, and we are preparing for the spring activities./ Sveta There is still some snow, but the kids are impatiently waiting for the football season./ Viktor We made Valentine cards recently, and now we are making