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Thank You for your help

Thank you for the Spring Campaign

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Read what one mother writes: "Hello friends! I wish to thank you sincerely for your support which is very significant for us. We have bought seeds and sown and planted our kitchen garden. The children were happy to participate in buying geese and chickens and feed for them. My warmest thanks to you. Things would

Thank you for the groceries

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Many thanks for helping me buy food. We are facing difficulties now. My husband broke his arm and needed an expensive operation. I borrowed money from friends and acquaintances, and nothing was left for the food of our eight children. Thank you for your kind and soft heart, for not leaving my family in this

… and on corona again

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One large family is now in isolation due to corona. The entire family is ill. We pray that they get well soon and recover their strength. They soon ran out of food, almost nothing was left for them to eat. We had to react without delay to save the family from going hungry. We went

Viktor Divnich writes:

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Dear friends, volunteer initiative Центр Гостинності is continuing its mission to do good under the quarantine and the second wave. You are our priority partner. Our volunteers continue to collect clothes and other things for children and adults. We are with you. We carry on together… Photo: Katerina Many thanks to Viktor Divnich and Центр Гостинності

Thanks for the food

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Heartfelt thanks for the food that my family so urgently needs. I have no job now, and no jobs are available in the whole village. My three children have no other support. We try to manage on my mother's pension. Thank you for responding to my request for help. May God bless you and give

Like a miracle

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It seems like a miracle when kind people are so quick to act as they want to make children happy. We posted the story of Nazar who did not have a phone for the Viber lessons. He did his homework only after his mother returned from work. Many thanks to Alvetyna for this great gift

Heartfelt thanks ❤

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You gave warmth to children’s feet. Many thanks for collecting shoes for children. Thank you is the least we can say. I am deeply touched to see how happy the children are. / Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme Photo: Lyuda, 13 "Thank you for these beautiful shoes. They fit me perfectly. And they are