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Thank you for helping

Now we have water at home!

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”We have a well in our garden and running water indoors, both cold and warm water from the tap. It is so easy to wash ourselves, to wash up and to clean. There is also a tap outdoors for watering the garden. We are so grateful for people who care about our difficulties. This is

Time to unbox

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I'm sorting out the clothes that travelled the long way from Sweden to Ukraine. Thank you all who made this possible. I need a view of what we have, so that I can deliver the right kind of clothes to the children who need them most. / Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme

Thank you for giving warmth

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Many thanks to Viktor Divnich, Volunteer Initiative "Волонтерська ініціатива - Центр Гостинності" for the coats and warm clothes you have collected for children in need. Thank you for not closing your eyes to the children's needs. You have helped many times already in the same way. The need is great, for our winter is cold.

Deep gratitude in my heart

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You gave children warm clothes and transmitted your own warmth.Many thanks to Victor Divnich and his team for collecting warm jackets for children. "Thank you" is the least we can say in response to your help. It moves me deeply. The children enjoy their warm clothes and are very grateful. “I'm a single mother. We

Spring campaign

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The closer spring came, the more I agonized about what to sow and plant in our kitchen garden. We had no potatoes left, not even for a soup. My prayers were answered abundantly. First, we were blessed with potatoes, then with seeds and seedlings for the kitchen garden. We are really grateful for your help.