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spring campaign

Thank you for being there

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You have made life a little easier for Ukrainians in these difficult times. Many families have dropped below the poverty line. Thank God, the shops are again providing foodstuffs. But, but… certain products are 4 to 5 five times more expensive than they used to be. A product that used to cost 35 Ukrainian Hryvnia,

Thanks for the spring campaign

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" My grandson and I are very happy of the chickens. He loves domestic eggs. Please receive our thanks and respect. Many thanks from our small family. - Sincerely, grandmother Nadia and grandson Alyosha" " I wish to extend my endless thanks for the plants and the poultry for my children. We now have food

Thank you for the Spring Campaign

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Read what one mother writes: "Hello friends! I wish to thank you sincerely for your support which is very significant for us. We have bought seeds and sown and planted our kitchen garden. The children were happy to participate in buying geese and chickens and feed for them. My warmest thanks to you. Things would

Spring Campaign

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Spring means sowing. It is time to sow and plant the fields and kitchen gardens. Love to earth together with work can yield food to a family for the whole year. Many families in Ukraine cannot afford preparing their fields, renting a tractor for ploughing, not to speak of buying the seeds, seedlings and chickens.

Spring campaign

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The closer spring came, the more I agonized about what to sow and plant in our kitchen garden. We had no potatoes left, not even for a soup. My prayers were answered abundantly. First, we were blessed with potatoes, then with seeds and seedlings for the kitchen garden. We are really grateful for your help.

The spring campaign is over

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Animals, plants and seeds were bought for 22 families. A total of 180 heads of poultry and two pigs are now growing in the yards. The families asked us to extend their gratitude to everyone who donated: Thank you for your helpWe are so grateful for the invaluable help. We will take good care of