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Before Blackout

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We managed to hold our skype meeting and plan the week's duties, before the power went out. We'll have to do without electricity today, as the lines are being repaired.The school quarantine is continuing - we don't know how long./ Tanya V.

What’s happening

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Weekly news published on our social media sites 2019.09.23 Our Ukrainian team is enjoying their visit in Sweden. Here with some Swedish friends. 2019.09.25 In Finland yesterday, in Sweden in the morning and back in Kyiv in the afternoon. Our Ukrainian team has returned from their 12-day adventure. The time flew quickly. You can read

Reign and Thunder

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A hefty thunderstorm raged over Pisky village and cut out our power. It was a restless night. The kids were so afraid they could not sleep. Our kitten was terrified, too. She hid under a chair and meowed loud. The kids tried to find her in the darkness. It was morning before everyone slept. We

No water from the tap…

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We get water from the tap, but now that the pump stopped working, things are a bit difficult. My son said at supper: "This lack of water has brought us closer each other - we eat from the same plate now."/ TanyaP.S. We have no water to wash up for three days now.