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Happy memories

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It's sad that the children are in quarantine 😢But we have a lot of happy memories to share with you. Here's one of them, a video from Boas. It was made in Friend's House, in Sunday school. With the video, we wish you a happy weekend. Video: Boas Adolphi

Children’s blog

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Hi everybody! I'm Tanya and 8 yearls old. I'm on the third class and will soon start the fourth. I love coming to Friend's House. We have a group for drawing and painting here. I enjoy painting and want to become really good at it. Friend's House is a place for various games. One of

Weekly News – 10/21

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Time flies so fast. Week after week, day after day. Spring is coming, and we thank God for the opportunity to help children. ❤ Thank you for helping children forward in their lives. We are one big Children’s Embassy family. I’m Tanya and I’m happy to tell you about this past week here in Ukraine.