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Spring seeds provide food for the year

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Our annual spring action is now starting and continues to the 31st of March. The money collected will buy seeds, plants, chickens and geese, pigs, calves… for poor families with children. In our small village Pisky, growing food is no hobby – it’s a necessity. The prices are soaring, and many families cannot even buy

Thanks for the warmth!

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Our Dad died recently. It is difficult for Mom, and we miss him much. We received a lot of firewood, and now our home is warm. Thanks for the warmth! Here I am with my sisters and Mom, happy of the firewood. / Ruslana, 10

Thanks from a family

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Mother of three turned to us for help. The social allowance was not enough for buying firewood. She went through the snow and frost daily to find something to heat the house with.Today, they received plenty of wood. Mother and children thank all warm-hearted helpers. / Viktor Skripetch

Enjoying warmth

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Thank you for your valuable help to families. There was a fire in the house of this family. They moved into a new house and started renovating it. No money was left for firewood, so their house has been very cold. It was a great joy for them to receive the firewood that made their

Warm Homes

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We started delivering firewood to families today. Tears of joy, words of thanks. The help is invaluable to the families who can have warmth in their homes today. Thank you for contributing toward Warm Winter. This would not have been possible without you / Viktor