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Thank you for the Spring Campaign

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Read what one mother writes: "Hello friends! I wish to thank you sincerely for your support which is very significant for us. We have bought seeds and sown and planted our kitchen garden. The children were happy to participate in buying geese and chickens and feed for them. My warmest thanks to you. Things would

With love to children

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Friend's House is like an oasis for the children of a small village. Imagine a small village with no sports fields for kids, no hobby clubs, no play parks, no cinemas... What can they do there? What is it like to be child there? The kids have such a place, because you helped with the

Jumpers and cardigans knotted with love

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The war in eastern Ukraine startled me as many other Finns. As the news decreased, the Ukrainian's distress was forgotten. In 2015, Oili and Hannu Räsänen showed pictures and told about their first journey to Ukraine. Something stirred in my heart. Could I do something? Money is of course important, but could I also do

Weekly News -13/2021

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Thank you for helping children forward in their lives and allowing them to be children. We are one big Children’s Embassy family. I’m Tanya and I’m happy to tell you about this past week here in Ukraine. Friend's House is closed again, which is very sad. 😢 We miss the children and they keep asking: