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Urgent need of water

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How to live without water? They have no water to drink, no water for cooking or washing... To bore a well and draw a pipe into the house requires about 10 000 UAH or 305 Euro. The family does not have this money. A single mother and her retarded son ask for help to have

Child Protection Day

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Take a child by the hand and hold it firmly all through childhood.We want every child in the world to have an adult to protect them, and we hope all children may live under God's protection and blessing. Not just today, but every day. A child's protection is in the hands of adults. Guide a

Thank you for the washing machine

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I wish to thank you for hearing my cry for help. I needed a washing machine. The old one was broken and beyond repair.I'm so happy for this present.As a mother of three, I was quite helpless without a washing machine. A whole mountain of laundry piles up every day. Your help is highly appreciated

Young Farmer 😃

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Zhenya is interested in farming. He has a small kitchen garden of his own. He learns to plant tomatoes in the right way. He listens to my instructions and does everything correctly.Now we are waiting for juicy tomatoes. / Nadia Mihailivna