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The spring campaign is over

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Animals, plants and seeds were bought for 22 families. A total of 180 heads of poultry and two pigs are now growing in the yards. The families asked us to extend their gratitude to everyone who donated: Thank you for your helpWe are so grateful for the invaluable help. We will take good care of

Youngsters getting on

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The youth group in Friend's House in action.The youngsters are more creative than we are; they have their new approaches. They have learnt to use Instagram with all its functions. It's interesting and fun to be around them. Sveta took some fascinating photos and tells us about her life./ Tanya Hi, I'm Sveta. I'm 14

Life in Friend’s House

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The social welfare services in Bobrovitcha asked us to help a family whose house burned down. The dance club is preparing a performance for Women's Day. The dress rehearsal on the stage takes place this week. The children read fairy tales and discuss their heroes daily in Friend's House. The food prices have soared by