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Thank you for donating to Warm Winter!

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Here's what mother Anya wrote: Good afternoon, dear friends!It's already cold and I was so worried that my children would be cold indoors. I am a widowed mother of four. Without your help, we would remain without heating. We are happy that you are there and we thank you for buying firewood for us. The

Children come to be inspired

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Visiting Sweden, I received self-made hand puppets from a retired teacher. The children love the puppets and immediately started to create their own stories with them. The 14th of October was the Day of the Ukrainian Defender. The children drew pictures of the defenders of their country. In the arts club, they learn to paint

What’s happening

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Weekly news published on our social media sites 2019.09.23 Our Ukrainian team is enjoying their visit in Sweden. Here with some Swedish friends. 2019.09.25 In Finland yesterday, in Sweden in the morning and back in Kyiv in the afternoon. Our Ukrainian team has returned from their 12-day adventure. The time flew quickly. You can read

The school campaign is continuing

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A new day, new possibilities, new fresh actions The first day, the first shopping action. We went to the market with eight children who selected what they needed for school. The second day. We were happy to continue. At the end of the day, 15 children had received help. The third day, Thursday 22.8. will

Weekly greetings from the Team

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It's high summer and the children are looking forward to the camp. We are busy preparing./ Viktor Pavlovich Children's Embassy Post Office is running hot. The children have drawn pictures and written letters to their sponsors and to the friends of Friend's House. Watch your mailbox!/ Tanya V. The children have not forgotten Friend's House,

Weekly greetings from the Ukrainian team

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Social media and hot summer. When it is +31 behind the window (sometimes +40), I and my laptop need some cooling./ Tanya V. Two more weeks of intensive work with numbers, and then summer holiday./ Julia We have started preparations for the autumn school campaign./ Katerina and Viktor We are preparing for the opend doors

Summer joy

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Interesting days are not waiting around the corner - we need to embrace them. The kids from Friend's House visited the Bobrovitcha District museum and learnt lots of interesting things about the area.And we had a swim in the river. A summer day full of joy! / Tanya