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The socks are here

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Boas and Mirjam brought bags full of warm knitwear and shoes, which are now in Friend's House. Maksim and Kristina had the honour of carrying the knitwear into our warehouse. Great - we will not be cold this winter, the kids said.Here is their greeting:Thank you! The socks come to good use here. We remember

Starting Student Life

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Julia finished her 9 years of school and started in a vocational school. We met the new student and discussed student life, choice of career and her plans for the future./ Katerina, coordinator of the relief programme -Julia, where are you starting studies? -In Bobrovicha Mainovoy college. -What is your choice of career? -I thought

How to make friends with a horse ?

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My best friend is Mayor. I love it. We have a small farm, and I help grandmother and uncle in the work. Best of all are the horses. They understand and know everything, and they are kind. May I introduce my friends: Selfie with my dog Jack Out with Mayor Our horse Aza Cat Murzik

I’ll be Programmer and President

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When I’m big, I’m going to be a programmer. I’m going to develop a game that everyone wants to play. My business will then be the best in the world. And when I have enough money, I’ll be President. Politicians can steal no more.   I’ll control everything. Pensions and wages will be decent, and there