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A Student’s Blog

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This is one of the most demanding periods in my life. I should soon gain my diploma. These four years have gone really quickly; this is my last term and the national exams start in a while.As I'm going to be TV reporter, I not only write but also shoot. There is a lot of

Youngsters getting on

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The youth group in Friend's House in action.The youngsters are more creative than we are; they have their new approaches. They have learnt to use Instagram with all its functions. It's interesting and fun to be around them. Sveta took some fascinating photos and tells us about her life./ Tanya Hi, I'm Sveta. I'm 14

Winter in my village

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Illustrated greetings from SvetaWinter here in Pisky is great. Here are a few photos. Wintry spruce The school library My little sister going to school Winter swim to commemorate the baptism of Christ Sunset in wintry forest I want to touch the sky Our winter here is fabulous. Friends are invited to see it! Winter

A nice week

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Yess! Our winter holiday continues with the school quarantine. I visited my cousin. To celebrate the extra holiday, I decided to try spectacles. The power of these was 0.0. "Shedrivka" means singing from door to door. It was nice and cool. I'm ill and will not go out. Mother said it is cold and I'll