Summercamp, Sun and Fun

We want you to enjoy the summer camp, too. That’s why Tanya Verozub is there with the kids, writing down their comments and taking photos. Publication can be a problem there at the seaside: yesterday’s video took a whole 5 hours to upload. Good work, Tanya!

/ Mirjam

4th of August

Enjoy the weekend!

Ruslana, 8

We learnt a new song here: “Jesus is my Super Hero, my Star and my Best Friend.” The leader taught us the lyrics. The friends here are so nice that I wish I could take them home after the camp.
Maksim, 7

3rd of August

What a picnic

Grilled potatoes, sausages and tomatoes. Tasty – and such fun! When I get home, I’ll tell my Mom and my little sisters all about the summer camp.

/ Karina, 10


2nd of August

Hi from the camp!

See what I built with my friends from sand and shells. It’s so great to be here at the sea that I wish the summer never ends.

Maksim, 15


1st of August

This summer is great

Time flies at the camp, as we have lots of fun. After the games on the beach, we go for a swim again. The sea is warm and I love chasing the waves. This summer is just great.

Kirill, 12

31st of July

I love performing.

I’ve found many new friends at the camp. The motto of our team is “You and I have a big family. We are the children of God the King.” We invented it ourselves with the leader.
/ Dasha, 11

Summer, sun, sea, joy

I can’t possibly convey the great delight of the kids. But I do know that the time at the camp is a wonderful blessing for them. Thank you!
/ Tanya

29th of July

Greetings from the summer camp!

We wish you a sunny and happy weekend!
Sveta, 11

28th of July

Lunch at camp is great

We have five meals every day, plus some snacks. Today, it’s my turn to ladle the soup for everybody. It smells delicious. I’m so happy to be here.
Dima, 10

27th of July

A new song

We are learning a new song about Jesus. I love going to the Bible classes. Jesus loves me and you, too.
/ Sasha, 10

26th of July


I was so happy to go swimming that I forgot to take off my dress. The sea is lovely, and I enjoy this summer camp.
/ Nastya, 9

25th of July

Morning prayers to thank for a safe arrival

We are tired but happy, and soon we’ll have breakfast. 9-year-old Alisa made my morning with her words:
“My legs are so tired of sitting on the bus.”

24th of July

Medical check-up

Yippee! The medical check-up is passed, and now to the summer camp!
Maksim, 7

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