Spring Campaign

Spring means sowing. It is time to sow and plant the fields and kitchen gardens. Love to earth together with work can yield food to a family for the whole year.

Many families in Ukraine cannot afford preparing their fields, renting a tractor for ploughing, not to speak of buying the seeds, seedlings and chickens.

Do you still remember the family whose children were taken to a children’s home? They were hungry and their home was in a very poor condition. The family was helped by Children’s Embassy supporters. Thanks to your help, the children could return home to live with their mother.

This family had their seeds, seedlings and ducklings from last year’s spring campaign. The mother was able to plant her kitchen garden, to harvest and to prepare for the winter. Her children did not go hungry.

We are very happy about the help they received. We hope you can help them to sow and plant and grow poultry this spring as well. This is far from the only family that needs help now. There are many who have no money for seeds and seedlings. Especially now that the covid situation is bad and people lose their jobs. The children are not at school and lack access to school meals.

Help the families to pay the rent for a tractor and to buy seeds, seedlings and chickens, and you give them the opportunity to support themselves. You will see how your help bears fruit.

Spring is the time to work in the garden,
it’s the time to grow chickens,
it’s the time to think about winter,
spring is the time to help.


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