So quiet – it makes me cry

I am unhappy because I cannot meet the children during the quarantine. I look forward to each contact with them by phone or online. I wish to talk with them, to encourage them and to share their joys.

The situation is very difficult due to Corona. In the Children’s Embassy, we have the Friend’s House program where I work as a pedagogue. Every day, after school, the village children came here. The children from the neighboring villages were fetched by our minibus.

Friend’s House is a leisure center – and much more. The children participated in various clubs and activities. They attended Sunday school, played football and did many other things. Often they came just to talk and to have company.

But now Friend’s House is quiet. The toys miss the children, the computers are standing still. There is no smell of food, home-baked buns, and tea. Quarantine! Friend’s House is closed.

No one running in the corridor, no shoes in the hall.
Hello, how are you doing?

Hi, how are you?

We will not break our contact with the children. We talk to them by phone. Over the Internet, we read stories and books, talk with them, congratulate them on birthdays and help them with their studies.

The children miss their friends. Each child is a personality who seeks safety, advice, and understanding. They find all of that here.

Thank you for being a friend of Friend’s House. You are significant and your support is highly appreciated.

Nadya Mykhailivna, pedagogue

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