Small Is Beautiful

”What can one do about the huge problems in the world?” ”My share is so small and insignificant.”

”Perhaps I’ll do something once I have more money.”

We all know these thoughts. On the other hand, we know how a small piece of support has resolved a vast problem and helped us along at a difficult time. Helping one person can resolve the huge problems in that person’s world.

It is now time to help the children who are starting school in Ukraine. Not every family has the money for a school rucksack and everything that goes into it – the school does not provide these. Children’s Embassy is contributing towards the school beginners’ necessary shopping. Just imagine what the schoolkids of today will once be.

The help of a small organization does not reach very far, but it has its good point: we are able to see, fromstart to finish, how our help is used. People we know are sustaining the children in this significant point in their lives.

Text by: Oili

Photo: ©Hannu

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