Planning, working, enjoying

Thanks to our generous friends, we could provide firewood for all the families who needed them. Winter is soon ending, and we are preparing for the spring activities.
/ Sveta

There is still some snow, but the kids are impatiently waiting for the football season.
/ Viktor

We made Valentine cards recently, and now we are making Women’s Day cards. The dance lessons are preparing for a performance.
/ Katerina

Even the youngsters love tales and stories and reading these to each other. We make little competitions related to the tales and their features.
/ Nadia & Natalia

Tanya comes to Friend’s House on Mondays to talk with the youngsters and to make news in the social media with them.
Sveta comes on Wednesdays to organize the storage room for relief goods.
In Kyiv, we support families who cannot even afford food. We pay the school meals and bring groceries to their homes. This is a significant help for these families.
/ Tanya & Sveta

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