On the threshold of adulthood

I come from eastern Ukraine. I’m on the last grade of school in the villige where my family fled from the war in 2014. The final exams are ahead, and in a fairly short time, we need to manage five subjects, each of them with at least 35 rather extensive themes.

Difficult, but not impossible

We are allowed to speak Russian at school. And my thoughts are no longer filled with the war – thank God, we are far from it now. Studying seems easy, but in half an hour, I have a headache and my eyes smart. It’s difficult to sit down and focus.
When I study Ukrainian history, I memorize all the significant events. I started to read Ukrainian language on the 10th grade. Geography is very interesting and therefor not difficult for me. English isn’t easy at all. But I keep studying. We study Ukrainian literature at school by reading books and poets’ biographies.
/Katya, 16

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